Redgarden Engineering continues to be open for business during this Covid19 period (since we are separately working from home). We welcome new business.

Our Why

We like solving problems and living well! So we are highly motivated to provide excellence in electronics engineering services with the right balance on behalf of our clients, our staff, and society

  1. Balance on behalf of our clients means that we provide the appropriate level of effort for each project’s budget while ensuring it’s done well and safely.
  2. Balance on behalf of our staff means that Redgarden provides flexibility in work hours and strongly encourages each team member to limit their work load so that they can have a high quality of life.
  3. Balance on behalf of society means that while we derive a lot from living in Colorado, Redgarden Engineering donates one percent of its annual distributions to non-profits dedicated to creating a more sustainable society.

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Our How

Redgarden strives for excellence in engineering (with balance) by using an experienced, multi-disciplinary team, implementing a quality process, and by having adequate tools

  1. Team: Redgarden Engineering uses a multi-disciplinary team with decades of experience for most projects. We have found that such a team is usually better, faster, and much more cost-effective than a single engineer. The team works closely together, leveraging their diverse knowledge to make your electronics design project a success!
  2. Quality: Our quality process includes having internal reviewer(s) go over each piece of a design separately from the original designer(s).
  3. Tools: We acquire and learn to use lab equipment and software tools as needed.

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Our What

Our consulting services include electronics design, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, embedded software engineering, and mechanical enclosures. We have expertise in medical devices, scientific instruments, aerospace, data storage, automotive, and industrial instrumentation.

Consulting Services